• Practical language courses for companies.
  • French, English or Dutch.
  • Lessons consist of role playing and simulations of real work situations.
  • Free for JC200 employees.

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We offer two formulas:

  • Speak more fluently (general language training program)
  • Learn quickly (online workshops around specific professional themes)

1. Speak more fluently

This is a general language training program where we focus on the oral use of the target language (Dutch, French or English) for language levels A1+ (pre-intermediate) to B2- (upper-intermediate).

This training is offered as a combination of group lessons (4-6 participants), individual online coaching and self-study e-learning.

  • A. Group lessons (15 hours) – two options:
    • Online: We schedule 5 sessions of 3 hours over 5 weeks.
    • Classical (in your company or in 1 of our training locations): We schedule 2 full days + 1 half day of lessons during one intensive week.
  • B. Individual online coaching (5 hours per person)
    • We schedule the individual online coaching sessions (5 hours) over 5 weeks (1 hour per week) after the group sessions have ended.
  • C. E-learning (min. 5 hours per person)
    • Minimum 5 hours of individual work via the online platform.

Every JC200 employee has the right to follow the 'Speak more fluently' formula once a year (for every language).

2. Learn quickly

Online language workshop where we focus on specific professional themes for language levels of minimum B1- (intermediate).

We offer 3 themes:

  • French, English or Dutch for presentations
  • French, English or Dutch for meetings
  • French, English or Dutch for informal communication

This training is offered as a combination of two online group lessons (4-6 participants) of 3 hours each and self-study e-learning.

The 2 group sessions take place with one or two weeks in between, so that the participant can do the requested exercises (self-study) on our online platform.

Every JC200 employee can register unlimited for these workshops.

Practical organization of the training courses:

  • A. Register
  • B. Preparation (level test and needs analysis)
    • The language levels and needs of the candidates are assessed online and orally.
    • The results of this preliminary level test and needs analysis will be evaluated with the company's training manager.
  • C. Start of the journey
    • We plan the lessons based on the availability of the participants.
    • We start new training courses and workshops throughout the year.
  • D. Final Evaluation
    • After the last group lesson, the teacher will contact the participant to evaluate the level progress and give recommendations to implement the acquired knowledge.
    • The teacher will create an individual evaluation report and send it to each participant.

How much does the training cost?

Completely free for JC200 employees with an initial language level between A1+ (pre-intermediate) and B2- (upper-intermediate).
Participants with a beginner level (A0 and A1) or expert level (C1 and C2) can benefit from Cevora's training premiums.


Would you like to know more about our language training courses? Contact Filip Staelens on 02 217 37 47 or for more information.


You can register via this this link.